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Eco Nap


What is IntelliLoft? IntelliLoft® is clean, safe, re-engineered PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer material that is a win/win for you and the environment! By recycling existing PETE polymer material they are reducing energy use while keeping plastic bottles out of our landfills. Creating products that use IntelliLoft® recycled material can use up to 8 times less energy than it takes to manufacture the same material new. IntelliLoft® Fiber Fill is the incredibly intelligent recycled, super soft re-engineered polymer made exclusively for West Paw Design. Because the IntelliLoft® is created from 100% recycled PETE plastic bottles it is not only machine washable, but it washes clean, eliminating those unwanted pet odors.

Under 10 lbs.

11-20 lbs.

21-40 lbs.

41-65 lbs.

Over 66 lbs.

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