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Now Delivering - Serving portions of the Twin Ports

Duluth's Finest Dog Store,
Now Delivering to Your Door!
  • Over 40 brands of pet foods available - See below!

A wide selection for any appetite!  If you need help choosing, give  us a call and we will be happy to assist you.  Currently unable to deliver raw/frozen foods. 

  • Supplies, Toys, and Treats

Ran out of shampoo?  Dog distroyed his favorite toy?  No more treats in the treat jar?  Don't worry, we can deliver what you need!

  • Order on Monday and receive before the weekend

Have your order in by 7pm on Mondays and receive before the weekend.  Deliveries will usually be Thursday.

  • Schedule reoccurring deliveries

Hassle and worry free!  You will never have to think about ordering your pet's food again!  When you call us with your first order let us know if you want reoccurring deliveries and how often you would like them. 

  • Delivery Zone

The map to the right shows you our current delivery zone.  If you are outside of the highlighted area and interested in delivery, please call us and we can discuss your request. 

Buy 12 and get the 13th FREE!
Brands available:
Buy 12 and get the 13th FREE!
Buy 10 and get the 11th FREE!
Frequent Buyers Program
These programs are not available when shopping at the big box stores or online retailers.
See FAQ's for more details.
Buy 12 and get the 13th FREE!
Buy 10 and get the 11th FREE!
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