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We are proud retailers for West Paw Design! Beds made in Bozeman, Montana. How do you like the words Organic, Eco, and Hemp? We got 'em! Pick your style, pick your size, and pick your color. The beds are filled with IntelliLoft, recycled plastic water bottles! West Paw Design has diverted over 5.4 million plastic bottles from landfills. Comfort and style CAN be "green"!


What is IntelliLoft? IntelliLoft® is clean, safe, re-engineered PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer material that is a win/win for you and the environment! By recycling existing PETE polymer material they are reducing energy use while keeping plastic bottles out of our landfills. Creating products that use IntelliLoft® recycled material can use up to 8 times less energy than it takes to manufacture the same material new. IntelliLoft® Fiber Fill is the incredibly intelligent recycled, super soft re-engineered polymer made exclusively for West Paw Design. Because the IntelliLoft® is created from 100% recycled PETE plastic bottles it is not only machine washable, but it washes clean, eliminating those unwanted pet odors.

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