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Pet Photographers

SMILE!!  When the photos from your cell phone don’t quite capture your pup’s enthusiasm or that sneaky look in your kitty’s eyes then it is time to consult the professionals. Pet photographers know how to bring out the best in your pet and save those very precious memories for years to come.  Some are even willing to come in to your own home where your pet is most comfortable and can be themselves.  Click on the name of photographer to be directed to their website.  If you know of another, please send us a message with the name so we can contact the photographer and add them to our list.


A Place for Fido does not necessarily endorse these listings. They are included solely for the convenience of our clients.



Art of the Animal

Barbara Savage

1430 Belmont Road, Duluth, MN 55805



Mad Chicken Studio

2301 Woodland Ave, Duluth, MN 55803



Vrieze Photography

Trudy Vrieze




Surrounding Areas


Kennelz and Bitz

4367 Soldier Road, Moose Lake 55767


Open Mon-Sun 8am -11am and 4pm-6pm

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